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The Hero Twain: Echoes of Destiny

CH 1: Out of the Corner of Your Eye

The little green man was watching him again.

Bodie had first noticed him a few months ago, at his fourteenth birthday party in the park. He hadn’t thought much of it at the time, being a bit busy with chocolate cupcakes and presents, except maybe to note that a little man sharply-dressed in shades of emerald wasn’t something you saw every day.

But boy, had he been wrong about that. The Green Man made sure of it: he’d since shown up around school, during baseball practice, walking home with his sister Callie… Bodie could’ve sworn that the Green Man even sat behind him once at the movie theater. So okay, maybe he wasn’t something you saw every day, but close enough. If he was aiming for stealth, though, he really hadn’t chosen the appropriate attire. There was a good reason that ninjas wore black.

The appearance of his own personal paparazzi concerned Bodie.  The only reason he didn’t tell his mother was because he knew pretty well what it would sound like if he told her he was being watched by a little green man.  Especially since whenever he looked – I mean, really looked for him - he wasn’t there anymore.

That was the thing. You could never look right at the Green Man; you could only see him out of the corner of your eye... 

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