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These Turquoise Waters


Kissindra Harper was looking forward to retiring one day in Gem Lake to run her Grandma's Bar, the Hook, Line, and Drinker.  But not at 22.

After her entire family is killed in an accident on the way to her college graduation, Kiss leans into fate and moves back to the small town where she spent her childhood. But Gem Lake isn't as she remembers it, and the bar's manager is willing to do anything to keep it for himself. The only good thing about coming home is reuniting with her childhood best friend, Catalina.

Kiss soon finds that running away to the mountains won't solve her problems - it just creates new ones. Can she grow beyond her pain and her idealized version of the small mountain town to save her Grandma's bar? And will she find the peace within to accept who she is and what she wants - even if it's Catalina?

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The Potioneer


Only a grandmaster Potioneer can brew the magical draught "Goddess' Kiss." And Zephyra Fenn, the youngest apprentice ever, needs to learn to make it if she's going to wake her big brother from the coma he's been in since saving her from bandits two years ago.

But after her mentor is killed in a battle against the Dark Potioneer and his battalion, the townspeople expect HER to take up the mantle and solve all their problems! Zephy may be a prodigy, but it’s going to take more than her wits and her magical potions to defeat this powerful enemy. When the Dark Potioneer returns, will Zephy be ready to fight? And when the opportunity arises, will she honor her responsibility to the people she’s sworn to protect, or the promise she made to her brother?

  • Beta Draft: 70% Complete

  • Alpha Draft: 100% Complete

The Hero Twain: Echoes of Destiny


Bookish loner Bodie O'Connor is nobody's idea of a hero - but if he's to believe the leprechaun that's been stalking him all year, he's apparently descended from one: Ireland's mightiest champion, Cú Chulainn. Trading science for swordfighting and math for magic might be bad for his high school career, but somebody's got to get strong enough to protect the world from the evil demon Crom. The question is: is he the true Heir of Cú Chulainn or is it one of the other six kids the Gods have been watching?

All Bodie knows is that he's going to have to get a lot stronger and a lot less punchable if he's going to rise to the top and meet his destiny.


  • Beta Draft: 60% Complete

  • Alpha Draft: 100% Complete

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Night Sky



Stopher Harris is a psychotherapist, but he's also an energy vampire – a supernatural being who survives by consuming the four cardinal emotions: happiness, sadness, fear, and anger.  But having accidentally caused his mother's death as a teen, he lives by a strict code, preferring to starve than harm anyone ever again.

When his best friend, Detective Clara  Bang, calls to tell him that a man with his name has been murdered, he's curious.  By the time the second and third Christopher Harrises have died, it’s not so funny.  When they come upon a lead that points to a killer of supernatural origin, Stopher will have to decide whether to uphold his personal code of honor or embrace his nature to protect his family, his friend, and the entire city.

  • Alpha Draft: 50% Complete

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